The following terms and conditions of this Member Agreement ("Agreement") constitute the entire agreement (the "Agreement") between you and HealthAllies®, Inc. ("Optum HealthAllies"), a discount medical plan organization located at MN103-0550, P.O. Box 1459, Minneapolis, MN 55414, 1-877-426-2559. The use of the discount services discussed in this Agreement (the "Services") is conditioned upon your compliance with the terms contained in the Agreement.

You, your spouse and your dependent children are entitled to use the Services and access discounts from participating providers and facilities. Each Member is entitled to receive discounts on specified services, when using a participating provider ("Provider"). Members have free access to discounted health care services without waiting periods, notification periods, or other similar restrictions imposed by the discount program (except for hospital discounts). The Handbook describes the discount categories available to you. For more detail, visit the website or call Customer Care. Some specialties may not be available in all areas. To add additional family members, call Customer Care or visit the My Account section of the website.

Your enrollment in the program will renew on a monthly basis (a) as long as you (or your sponsoring organization, if applicable) continue to pay the monthly fee, or (b) until it is cancelled by you (or your sponsoring organization, if applicable) or by Optum HealthAllies. If you pay for Optum HealthAllies yourself, directly to Optum HealthAllies, your payment will be taken as an automatic charge to your credit/debit card. If you pay for Optum HealthAllies through a third party, at their discretion you may have a choice of payment methods, which you can change by written request to the third party.

If enrolled voluntarily by credit card, you may cancel at any time. If you cancel within 30 days of enrollment (within 30 days of receipt of membership materials for residents of CO, DE, IN, MO, MT, OH, OK, ND, SC, SD and WA), you will receive a full refund. If you cancel on the 31st day or later after enrollment or, where applicable, after delivery of materials, you will not receive a refund, but Optum HealthAllies will cease collecting membership fees in a reasonable amount of time, but no later than 30 days after receiving a valid cancellation notice, and you will be able to use the discount program until the monthly anniversary date of your enrollment. The application fee (if required) is not refundable except in AR, CO, MD, TN and UT.

If enrolled voluntarily through your employer or another sponsoring organization, please contact the sponsoring organization to request cancellation.

Optum HealthAllies reserves the right to terminate your access to the Service if you do not use the Service according to the terms and conditions defined in this Agreement. If Optum HealthAllies cancels your membership for any reason other than nonpayment of fees, Optum HealthAllies shall make a pro rata reimbursement of all periodic charges to you. Notice of termination will be sent to you by mail.

Optum HealthAllies guarantees that for each service listed on the website, you will save at least the minimum discount percentage advertised, as long as you follow the confirmation procedure outlined on the website or through the Customer Care Center. If you follow the confirmation procedure and do not receive at least the minimum discount to which you are entitled, contact Customer Care. Optum HealthAllies will refund the difference between what you paid and what you should have paid, had the minimum discount been applied. The Minimum Discount Guarantee does not apply to hospitals, long-term care or behavioral health facilities, or pharmacy discounts, if included in the program.

Typical savings examples shown in the Handbook and website are examples only. Fees for Services vary by region, provider and service rendered. Prices are subject to change without notice. Members must pay the Provider directly at the time of Service unless otherwise agreed upon between Provider and Member.

(Applies only if Medical Care is included in your program) In case of an emergency, seek medical treatment immediately. At the time of service, if your treatment will not be covered by insurance, present your card. If the health care facility is a member of our health discount network, contact Customer Care for assistance in obtaining your discount.

Optum HealthAllies is not engaged in the practice of medicine. Health care professionals participating in the health discount program are solely responsible for all professional services that are provided to consumers, and the traditional relationship between practitioner and patient shall in no way be affected or interfered with by Optum HealthAllies or any terms of this Agreement. Optum HealthAllies does not endorse, recommend or guarantee the health care professionals listed on the Service and makes no representations or warranties about the type of services, quality of care, source of payment or billing practices of such practitioners. Information available through this Service is not intended to constitute offers to sell or solicitations in connection with any health care professional or product. Information presented is general in nature and is not meant to replace the advice of health care professionals. If you have specific health care needs, please see a doctor or other health care professional.

You assume all risk associated with the use of any and all content related to this Service and that any decisions made about a health care professional or obtaining care are exclusively your responsibility. Although Optum HealthAllies makes due efforts to confirm that our participating health care professionals are credentialed, we cannot guarantee the credentials of any participating health care professional.

Every effort has been made to ensure that only actively participating providers are listed on the website. We strongly recommend that you confirm that a provider is currently participating before you receive any services from that provider.

Please see the Privacy Statement available on the Optum HealthAllies website (the "Site") for information on our commitment to your privacy and security.

The Optum HealthAllies website (the "Site") may contain links to other websites. The linked sites are not under the control of Optum HealthAllies. Optum HealthAllies is not responsible for the content of any linked website and does not make any representation as to the content or accuracy of information contained on any linked site. Your decision to access sites linked to our Site is done at your own risk.

This Service, including the Site and its contents, are the exclusive property of Optum HealthAllies and are protected under both foreign and domestic trademark and copyright laws. Protected contents include such items as text, logos, images, icons, software and other materials. Unauthorized use of the Optum HealthAllies trademark will subject you to prosecution. You may create a bookmark to this Site; however, you may not create a link to this Site without the prior written approval of Optum HealthAllies or a duly appointed representative.

You may not copy, create or derivate works or compilations of, rent, sublicense, lease, sell, loan or otherwise transfer to any third party any of the data on the Site, and you may not use such data for purposes other than searching for information on health care professionals for personal use.

Optum HealthAllies reserves the right to modify the terms contained in this Agreement. Optum HealthAllies will clearly post all changes to this Agreement on the Site. Written notice of any material changes will be mailed to you prior to the effective date of the change.

Members may file complaints about the availability of contracted discounts, or services, or other matters relating to Optum HealthAllies' contractual obligations to its members. Optum HealthAllies will acknowledge a complaint in writing within five (5) business days, will investigate the claim, and will provide you with the results of our investigation no later than the 30th calendar day after Optum HealthAllies receives the complaint. If you remain dissatisfied after following the Optum HealthAllies complaint procedure, you may contact the office of the insurance commissioner in your state of residence. Optum HealthAllies will provide specific contact information for the state agency on request.

Oral or written complaints should be directed as follows:

        Optum HealthAllies
        MN103-0550,P.O. Box 1459
        Minneapolis, MN 55414
        Phone: 877-426-2559

(Rev. 07/14/10)

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